Angry Females (White and Other)

Angry white males are meek and mild by comparison. Need I add the angry females are leftists?

One response

  1. Angry white males are, as a group, meek and mild in comparison to most other groups. The entire “angry white male” shtick/slander is a holdover from the 1990s anyway, and seemed to gain steam when the media had to come up with an explanation for why the Republicans unexpectedly won control of Congress in 1994, after 40 years of Democratic rule. Plus, Rush Limbaugh had become popular, and conservative talk radio was a new force that was starting to push back against the narratives created by the mainstream media.

    Today though, so-called angry white males pretty much just watch Fox News and complain about the Left. Then they vote for country club Republicans who usually don’t even attempt deliver on their campaign promises, much less wage war on the Left.

    BTW, glad to see that you’re back to blogging, however brief the blog posts may be. Politics and Prosperity was one of the best blogs around. It will be missed.


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